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Welcome to Wright Click IT LTD
Here at Radcliffe Computers we work hard to help ease your computer concerns, whether you use a laptop, pc, gaming rig, tablet, printer, or tv: if it breaks we can fix it. If it is not going to be a cost effective repair we will advise you accordingly.
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We have many differnet types of parts online just browse around the site, any queries just give us a ring 01617234423 or 07798631261 or email us fixit@radcliffe-computers.com or search us on facebook :)
Service contracts: we have a service plan to suit all your needs, including anti virus protection, remote supprt, home or business visits, setup installations we cater for all from only £7.99 per month per machine (paid by direct debit), all labour is included and if the hardware is bought from us then thats covered to. The Basic plan: 1 home visit per year per machine: full AV protection, remote support unlimited, all labour for any job included if brought to us at the shop, you just pay for parts :) 1 machine £7.99 Per Month. Phone us now to book us in to call to your home and get it ready :) 01617234423
Business contracts: 3 Visits per year, full Anti virus, remote support unlimited: all labour for that machine covered regardless of age, if it breaks you just pay for the parts, we will even collect it and re-install it if it needs bringing to the workshop and thats included too at just £15.99 per month per machine paid by direct debit.
Why you need the In-Store PC Builder: 
  • All components are checked for compatibility at every stage of the build design – order with confidence
  • We you any PC you want – over 700 trillion unique configurations available your own bespoke designed PC 
  • No stock required – you design the PC, we build it – hey presto, it’s that easy
  • Simple to use & interactive – anyone can use, you can be safe in the knowledge you’re not going to make a mistake
  • Flat rate build cost of £25 regardless of specification – or just order the parts and build yourself
  • 3-Year warranty as standard or upgrade to an extended parts,
    labour & collection warranty for just £25 per PC

– Our FEW items, coz we know you are already going to get in touch –

Tablets, Phones

We replace most screens and do repairs on many phones, ask us

We can fix it, unless we can’t get the bits coz they are obsolete…

Fully service all your needs, all costs given in advance.

Web Design

Do you want to get a website up and running? ready within days, all done, no worries. get in touch

Gaming Machines

WAY WAY better than consoles, and yes, we build to your spe, 3 year warrrany included


Software services, including malware removal, remote (where we log in from here and do the job remotely) installations of drivers, printers, packages


We have family, we will be taking time off at Christmas, we hope you enjoy your festivities, if something break… text for advice 07798 631 261

– Contact Us –


153 Ainsworth Road, Radcliffe

Manchester, M26 4FD





07798 631 261



erm… you are on it. :)